Why am I doing this?

Last year when I was still a student at Michigan State, I started a sort of experiment. After going to New York City for the AWNY Conference (Advertising Women of New York) and gathering loads of great interviews, I started publishing them to a podcast that I called "Path to Adland." It was a great opportunity for me to pick the minds of all sorts of interesting people working in a business I wanted to get into, and I liked the idea of getting that advice out to other students who couldn't make the trip to talk with these people themselves. As it turned out, people actually started listening. Now that I've crossed into the (ahem) "real" world myself, I've got a bit of advice to give too...some things no one ever thought to tell me - like what it was like to move to a new city (and state and time zone), leaving my friends, family and boyfriend behind. Or what it's like to move to the (expensive) city fresh out of college, having just spent a good chunk of money on a "this is my last chance at freedom, I better go to Europe while I still can" trip. I still consider myself to be a bit of a transitional adult (note: I still have a futon in my living room), and I'm still learning A LOT every day, but I know there are plenty of people out there with good advice to give us all. So I think I'll seek them out and pick their brains.

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