UConn Journalism Blog – Lessons From Blogging in the Classroom

When I was a student at Michigan State University, I took an interactive design class that opened my eyes to the fact that once you post a message online, it has nowhere to hide. As a part of a class assignment, we were told to post a short critique to the class blog on one website design per week. One of the assigned sites was that of web designer Jason Santa Maria (who will, no doubt, have alerts in place to find this mention as well). Some students in the class proceeded to rip the site design apart—unaware that these comments were out in the open for anyone to find, including Jason Santa Maria himself. We were all quite surprised to find that he had, in fact, found our posts—and gone on to leave his own remarks on the matter. I mention this because I recently found a post on the UConn Journalism 3098 blog based on a recent post I wrote about five gadgets for the new communicator. I thought I would pay forward the favor from Jason Santa Maria and leave a comment to let the class know that I had found the post, that I was listening—but the comments were only open to those in the class, and I was unable to find any contact information. So to the unknown author of the post, I just want you to know that I am listening, that your comments are, indeed, out in the open for all to read and remark on—and I agree with your point that it would be wonderful if all five of these gadgets could be rolled into one. I think we'll get there soon enough.


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