Company Names of the Future: Yotogee is the New Apple

Nonsensical company names are popping up left and right on the web—Yammer, Fotonauts and Tweegee, all recently featured as a part of the TechCrunch50, are just a few of the latest. With the scarcity of available domain names, along with the competition to show up first on Google, this trend may well become the new wave in company naming across the board—from software companies to burger joints. Hey, want to go grab a burger at Loafongy? But the benefits go beyond saving thousands on a unique URL—think about the time savings and accuracy these companies will enjoy when it comes to online monitoring. A search for "apple," for example, may return 197 new blogs posts that cover a range of topics—technology, orchards and pie recipes—but you better believe that 197 new results for "yotogee" will all be relevant to the one and only. This may even go one step further and change the way parents name their children. How do you think Canadian technical director Bill Gates and U.S. Army Captain Jon Stewart feel? These guys don't stand a chance on Google.

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