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By day, Christie Maliyackel works for a  health care consulting firm. By night, she's writing a novel called Lucyland. Listen to Christie's perspective on balancing full time work and creative side projects.

This is my first in-person interview in quite some time—pardon the background noise from the coffee shop we were in.

Update: Christie has been kind enough to share an excerpt of Lucyland with us. Check it out below.

October 16 arrived before I knew it, bactrim ds tablets.

All I know was that come October 15th night, I was scrambling about, trying to locate my only business suit (that I was hoping still fit seeing as how I had last worn it about a year and a half ago) and shove it into my suitcase, while simultaneously hoping it wouldn’t wrinkle by tomorrow morning.

But here I was. SFO International Airport. As I meandered through the hustle and bustle of the standard airport crowds, bactrim ds urinary tract infection, I couldn’t help looking around and simply beaming. Bactrim ds tablets, San Francisco, here I am!. I wanted to shout to the world.

I spotted a bathroom virtually instantaneously and eagerly made myself comfortable in the spacious handicapped stall so that I would have ample room for changing. Talk about a transformation in the course of seven minutes: ghetto, sweatshirted Lucy gone business professional. Okay, so a quick glance in the mirror showed a few slight wrinkles in my business suit jacket but nothing TOO noticeable (or so I hoped). Oh well, it was too late now, bactrim ds tablets. I had no iron nor any other suits, and my interview was in exactly one hour and twenty-seven minutes… yikes. Was that right. A double-take of my watch showed that, Bactrim vs cipro, of course, that was the case.

Oh God. Bactrim ds tablets, Seeing as how I had never been to San Francisco, let alone traversed from SFO to San Francisco’s financial district (by cab, no less), I had no idea how long the journey would take. I mean, first there’s just snagging a cab (I had a feeling the line waiting for a cab would be endless, given my luck), then the ride itself (complete with the probability of hitting traffic along the way)… these were the train wreck of thoughts flying through my head as I hurriedly powdered on some foundation (which, I’m not going to lie, wasn’t even the exact same color as my skin. Apparently I had acquired a slight tan in the last year or so, which was the last time that I think I even used this makeup stuff) and frantically tried to smooth out one stubbornly blatant wrinkle on my jacket. Life is filled with tradeoffs though (see. I was already thinking like a businessperson!), bactrim headache. So, I just hastily shoveled my makeup bag back into my suitcase and scurried along to the cab line, my face a couple shades paler than normal thanks to that darn foundation, bactrim ds tablets.

Thankfully, the line was only five people deep with a seemingly endless line of waiting cabs so I was able to snag one pretty darn quickly. I couldn’t believe how friendly even the cab drivers were. I mean, New York cab drivers are notorious for many things… general courtesy is certainly not one of them.

Ah, Spencer. Bactrim ds tablets, My new favorite cab driver. The little man even verified my destination three times, before actually pulling out of the airport holding area. I settled back into my seat, pulling out my little portfolio complete with multiple resumes, Bactrim cost, legal paper (on which to take notes from my interview), and even a pen (God, I’ve become an interview pro, if I do say so myself!). I opened my portfolio to re-examine the activities I’d highlighted on my resume, but before I could get too far, Spencer’s curiosity got the better of him.

“So, first time visiting?” he caught my eye through his rearview mirror.

“Yup, bactrim ds tablets. I’m actually here for a job interview,” I replied, gesturing at my portfolio in my lap.

“Oh, bactrim drug, very nice, very nice,” Spencer commented.

I looked back down at my resume, trying to recall the details behind my Ohio State mentoring program. It was one of my favorite activities under the “leadership positions” portion of my resume and it clearly showed- I’d been involved with the program all four-

“I remember when I first moved out to the Bay Area. Bactrim ds tablets, A lifetime ago, really.” Spencer continued.

Oh God. Was he going to keep this up the entire time. I needed this time to review my resume. Not wanting to completely blow him off (I mean, how can you ignore a little old man, Generic name for bactrim, really?), I murmured, “Oh, that’s nice.”

“Nice. Nice?, bactrim ds tablets. It wasn’t nice at all. My divorce wasn’t yet complete, but the wife just couldn’t get away fast enough!” Spencer hit his steering wheel in slight irritation at the memory. Clearly, he doesn’t hold grudges.

“Oh no!” I sympathized, as I blew my bangs out of my face. Bactrim ds tablets, “That’s more like it. Imagine. You!” he paused dramatically as he pointed to me in the rearview mirror, oral bactrim. “Moving to the United States as the age of twenty. Knowing no one. Having only seventeen dollars and thirty seven cents in your pocket, bactrim ds tablets. Oh, I remember it well. It wasn’t easy, young lady, wasn’t easy at all. Life was difficult back then. Imagine!” Again, he took the opportunity to point at me through his rearview mirror. Bactrim ds tablets, I’m sorry, man. I wanted to shout. Bactrim toxicity, What was I supposed to say. I’m sorry I wasn’t married (and divorced, for that matter) by the age of twenty. What was that about.

“Yeah, I guess it was…” I murmured again, dropping my eyes back down to my resume, hoping he would get the hint, bactrim ds tablets.

No such luck.

“Yes, I haven’t seen my daughter since I left the Ukraine that summer day. June 8th. I still remember the day. Bactrim ds tablets, Funny, is it not?” he paused expectantly.

This was getting awkward. I looked up, ready to console this poor man who apparently couldn’t stop re-living his past-

“Holy mother. Is that the Golden Gate Bridge?” I nearly lunged out of my seat in excitement, pcp bactrim. I’d never seen it before. Well, minus in pictures and the Full House opening credits but still, bactrim ds tablets. Granted, it was still quite a distance away, but I couldn’t believe how much it looked like its pictures.

“That’s right, young lady. We’re actually going to be getting a lot closer to the bridge as we head downtown. In fact, our exit is coming up here in a few minutes.” Spencer started humming along to whatever radio song was playing as I continued to plaster my face against the cab window. Bactrim ds tablets, Of course, the one minute that Spencer finally quieted down, I couldn’t even concentrate on my interview preparation.

It was a little too hard to care at the moment however. We were veering off the exit and I was eagerly staring at the passersby meandering the downtown streets. Shelf life of bactrim, That’s right, meandering. Where was the hustle and bustle. Where were all the people glued to their Blackberries, bactrim ds tablets. Where were all the business suits. I mean, not like I worked in the Financial District in New York, but I knew what to expect. And this was certainly not it. I mean, people were literally strolling around here. Bactrim ds tablets, Without a care in the world, it seemed. I mean, didn’t these people have meetings to get to. Businesses to run, sulfa bactrim. And where were the business suits. Everywhere I looked, it was polo shirts and khaki shirts and some (really cute!) J. Crew dresses, bactrim ds tablets.

And I was worried about the slight wrinkle in my suit. Please. Do people even wear business suits for interviews here. What if I’d overdressed for the occasion. Bactrim ds tablets, I quickly brushed that thought out of my mind as I mentally justified that it’s always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed (that’s not just particular to interviews- rather, think of it as some general life advice… you’re welcome in advance).

Already, I felt lighter. More relaxed. More confident, Bactrim treatment, even. It’s amazing what California can do to a girl in her first hour.

Before I knew it, Spence (I figured we were on a nickname basis, by this point) was slowing to a stop in front of a moderately sized building, bactrim ds tablets. A quick glance at my watch indicated that I was a half hour early. Whew. Good thing we hadn’t hit traffic. I guess it was a little late for morning rush hour. Bactrim ds tablets, After paying Spencer, I scanned the block and my eyes landed on exactly what I was hoping for. My sustenance, my light, my love, my beacon...


Can I just share how much I love Starbucks. Because I really can’t get enough of it, bactrim wikipedia. Interesting, considering I’m one of the cheapest people I know and can’t really stand the taste of coffee, bactrim ds tablets. But Starbucks is just one of those things that I am more than willing to splurge on (I don’t know if buying Starbucks every morning is considered splurging, but still). As far as despising coffee… please. That’s why there are so many lovely specialty drinks. And made to order and everything. Bactrim ds tablets, Non-fat, soy, extra hot, no sugar… it truly is a world of opportunity. That said, I hurried, scurried into my haven in this new city, purse clutched tightly under my arm, suitcase smoothly rolling along with my speedster stride.

“Grande, Online bactrim no prescription, nonfat, extra hot, no water, no foam, sugar-free vanilla chai tea latte, please!” I proudly ordered, after sailing through to the counter. That’s not just any order, my friends. You’re hearing an order that has been tried and perfected over the better portion of a year. I’ve learned the hard way that ordering slowly in a Manhattan Starbucks (ANY Manhattan Starbucks, for that matter) is guaranteed to bring about tapping fingers, impatient sighs, blatant glances at the neverending line winding behind you, and the like, bactrim ds tablets.

And those are just the baristas. During the holidays. With the scent of peppermint perfection permeating the air, how much does bactrim cost.

Ah, but I digress. Bactrim ds tablets, “Big day of business meetings ahead of you?” the blond-haired barista asked, welcome smile ready and waiting.

“Oh. I’m actually interviewing for a job just a block away. I’m not even from the area.” I responded

“Not even from the area. Whereabouts are you from?” God, even the Starbucks baristas here were like your BFF.

“I’m from Ohio, but I actually am still in school in New York, bactrim ds tablets. I just wanted to see what all the fuss about the West Coast is about,” I playfully commented.

“New York. From THE city to one that’s trying to be like it, Bactrim use, huh?” he quipped.

“What. Bactrim ds tablets, No!” I could feel my cheeks tinge pink, my sensitivity levels heightened. My third sentence to the second person I meet in San Francisco and I’m already on the verge of putting my foot in my mouth. Quickly, I tried to work in my most charming smile as I continued babbling along. “That’s not at all what I’ve heard. San Francisco’s supposed to have a charm all its own, right. I mean, the buildings here don’t have the glitz and glam of the highrises in New York… and there aren’t nearly as many people hubbubbing about on the streets… and-“

Foot, bactrim ds tablets. Mouth. Done.

The barista’s lopsided grin stopped me before I could tangle up my sentences any more than was already done. “Oh, relax, bactrim ds urinary tract infections. Bactrim ds tablets, I’m just messing with you. I think your drink is ready at the end of the counter, anyway. What company are you interviewing with. We get a lot of regulars from some of the businesses around here.”

“Triton Consulting Group,” I replied, lilting my voice so that it sounded more like a question than a strongly defined statement. I hate it when I do that.

“Triton, bactrim ds tablets. Hmm. Don’t think I’ve heard of that one before,” he said, flashing me another charming grin, Bactrim for pneumonia, pearly whites and all. “Well, good luck to you. What’s your name?”

“Lucy,” I said, simply. Bactrim ds tablets, “Lucy. Well, Lucy, my name is Chad. Hopefully we’ll see you in the Bay Area soon. Good luck today.”

“Thanks. Thanks a bunch!” I chirped, as I headed to the end of the counter to snag my drink, buy generic bactrim online.

Wow, bactrim ds tablets. Is this what people outside of the East Coast act like. Like civilized, heaven forbid, friendly, individuals. I headed to an outdoor table to relax for a few minutes and gather as much composure as is possible for me before the start of the big interview day.

Well. Bactrim ds tablets, The intent had been to review some fairly standard interview questions that I threw together from my past interviews (let’s face it, I was getting to be a pro by this point), while reviewing some tidbits from my last-minute research on the company website. But who am I kidding. From the get-go, I just knew that wasn’t going to be happening.

For one, Bactrim 400, I didn’t have any ‘last-minute research’ from the website. I am sorry, but when a company has a Facebook-style page filled with individual pictures and bios, what is a girl ever to do.

If you answered “stalk”, you are certainly correct- I bet you and I could become great gal pals, bactrim ds tablets. An hour into my entry onto the company website last night, I was fully equipped with the names of the sororities and fraternities with which these employees were involved in college, the number of blondes versus the number of brunettes, the number of bleached blondes versus the number of natural blondes, and the names of the primary colleges most employees were from.

Ahh. All in a day’s work, I know.

Well, bactrim pcp, given that company-tidbit review was out of the question, at least I could focus on my standardized questions just to get into the interview mode, right. Bactrim ds tablets, Lord knows I hadn’t gotten any of that done during my cab ride, as previously intended.

Yeah, no.

I am sorry, but in my defense, it turns out that Autumn just happens to be my favorite season of the year. Who knew it would only get better on the West Coast. I hadn’t experienced such warmth in over a month and I just wanted to be enveloped in all the wonders and glories of Mother Nature’s pure sunshine. California’s supposed to be all into the environment, right, bactrim ds tablets. I was just doing my part. Septra ds bactrim, Appreciating nature, if you will.

God, this is heaven. I thought, as I literally just basked in the warmth of the sunshine, cozily sipping my chai. Bactrim ds tablets, Apparently, this Embarcadero something or other was a hotspot for people-watching. You had joggers darting between businesspeople purposefully striding to work amidst stay-at-home moms taking their children and pups for early morning walks…

Twenty minutes later, I believe I was a shade darker (under my foundation, of course), a stomach fuller… and not a smatter more prepared for my interview. Oh well.

I felt rejuvenated, bactrim cotrimoxazole. I felt alive. I felt more relaxed than I have in ages, bactrim ds tablets. Man, I could just sit here for another couple of hours-

“Oh, f!” I interrupted my own moment of zen (my very first genuine moment of zen, I swear!). After shifting my watch and admiring the watch tan I had already acquired, I realized that I better get scooting if I wanted to be ‘professionally early’- self-defined as ten to fifteen minutes early; any earlier and you’ll look too desperate, any later and you’ll obviously look unprepared. (I swear, once interview season is done, I think I’m going to write a book. Bactrim cream, A how-to, if you will, on the tricks and trades of interviewing in the big bad world of business. Bactrim ds tablets, One, research your company prior to the interview… oh. Right. Oh well. Just because I jot it down in a book doesn’t necessarily mean I have to practice it. It’s not a memoir, for heaven’s sake. Ah, for another time.)

Here I go, bactrim ds tablets. I thought as I merrily dragged my rollerboard suitcase down the sidewalk. It took me virtually no time to spot the building’s majestic triangular form, complete with grand tinted windows and a stately, arched entryway, which had been pictured on the company’s website as well, bactrim lawsuit. See. Well-informed, that’s me. Bactrim ds tablets, Hmm. Maybe I’m like a sponge. Maybe I just naturally retained information beyond those individual employee bios and just haven’t realized it yet. After all, the company’s building just jumped out at me from my fleeting website glimpse. I’ve always thought I had the makings of a photographic memory. Maybe this was that moment to shine, bactrim ds tablets. THE moment, if you will. A turning point in the Life of Lucy. Oh, gosh, I could just picture it now- wowing interviewers right and left with my naturally business-savvy nature and ability to formulate questions that they had only gotten from past CFOs and such (shoot, what ARE other high-level executive positions titled, exactly?). Of course, my personable nature would naturally shine through as well. Bactrim ds tablets, Between my sharp questions and my ability to connect with my interviewers… oh my God. What if one of them knew Oprah. Or Barbara Walters. I could be-

Okay. Let’s not get carried away, here.

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