Allie Siarto allie-chicago Note: I no longer write on this blog, but I'm keeping it up since the content is still relevant. I made the move to Chicago in the summer of 2007. I had one suitcase, and I met my roommate the day I moved into the apartment I had never seen before. I then set out to reestablish the life I had just spent 22 years building. I spent the first two and a half years of my career working for large PR agencies in Chicago before jumping into the world of entrepreneurship as a partner in Loudpixel, a small company focused on consumer research, measurement and web development. Before moving to Chicago, I was a student at Michigan State University, where I received a dual degree in Advertising and Telecommunications, Information Studies and Media, with an emphasis in Digital Media Arts and Technology (Yes, that's a very long name, so I usually shorten it to "digital media," since this sort of sums up the career I am in now). Like most college students, I was completely terrified by the idea of graduating and heading out to find a job. So I started asking people who were already in their careers for advice. And you know what? They had a lot of advice to give, so I'm hoping to share some of that good advice with you. I got married in Mexico in November, 2010 and moved the business to Michigan soon after.