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Mitch Joel on Entrepreneurship, Your Personal Brand and Finding Balance

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
[display_podcast] Entrepreneur Mitch Joel has been hailed the "Rock Star of Digital Marketing" by Canada's Marketing Magazine and was named one of the most influential authorities on Blog Marketing in the world. He is currently President of the award-winning digital marketing agency Twist Image. He regularly captivates audiences as a speaker on the digital landscape, as well as a blogger/podcaster at Six Pixels of Separation.

Show Notes

Mitch started his career in the magazine industry, where he became one of—if not the first—to publish magazine content online. He later went on to join search engine, and then on to Airborne Entertainment, a company at the forefront of mobile content which later sold for over $150 million. After a short stint at a PR agency, Mitch co-launched Distort Entertainment, a record label which signed the award winning Alexisonfire and City And Colour. During this time, Mitch met his future business partners and went on to found the marketing agency Twist Image , which has come to be known as a the marketing agency that understands the interactive space and digital landscape. The 60-person agency in Montreal will soon be expanding to Toronto. Mitch and I also discussed the idea of your "personal brand" in the digital space. You are being Googled. Do you know whats coming up? Go to Google and search your name, or set up Google Alerts to keep track. Recommended Reading: