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Five Gadgets For the New Communications Professional

Monday, July 21st, 2008
I've always been a gadget person—I think a person should be prepared to easily capture any event or happening worth sharing. Today, this crosses over to professional communicators, as gadgets for capturing and sharing are starting to become more common, or even standard-issue, for the evolving communications professional. 1. Flip Video Camera Many of us at Edelman keep a Flip Video Camera on hand. You never know when you may want to capture a moment or record thoughts from others around the office or on the street to create a simple video for a presentation or to share with others who couldn't be there. I'm happy to hear that Robert French at Auburn University requires his PR students to buy a flip video camera in lieu of books, and I'm hoping others will follow his lead. 2. Digital Camera I always like to have a digital camera on hand for quality still shots. Again, you never know who you may run into or what photo opportunities may arise. Always be prepared by keeping a camera that's small enough to carry with you. 3. Phone With Mobile Internet Access Who can live without 24/7 access to email, RSS feeds and Twitter? Having access to the Internet, regardless of location, is incredibly empowering—and it is becoming an expected must-have in the professional world. Besides, if mobile is the future of communications, we'd better get on board and start exploring now. 4. Handheld Recorder The Zoom H2 Handheld Recorder is my number one educational tool to keep colleagues up to speed on what's new in the world of communications and what their peers are up to. I use it all the time to capture quality audio, whether it's for a podcast I'm recording or a recording of a colleague to spread the word and educate everyone else in the company on a great case study or project they've worked on. It can be so much more impactful to record a successful experience as a story in a persons' own words and share it as audio than to write it up. 5. MP3 Player The MP3 player has a duel-purpose. First, it's great for loading up podcasts to keep up on industry news or for consuming audio from internal communications (like those audio case studies I talked about). It also doubles as extra file storage, which can be handy for the on-the-go professional. What about you? Any gadgets you can't live without?