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Digital Marketing Set to Grow as the Economy Shrinks Total Ad Spending

Monday, October 13th, 2008
It looks like there may be some good news for those growing their digital chops. eMarketer recently published a study of 175 CMOs and marketing executives that says, in short, ad spending is poised to fall over the next year, but Internet marketing spending is predicted to have double-digit growth. The study does not specify where the digital spending will be allocated (online advertising, partnerships, social media, etc.), but this is yet another case for why you should expand your digital skills and learn to create fully integrated communications strategies to improve your chances of being employable in the future. Jobs opportunities will shift. Here are a few more graphs to think about.
digital AND (PR OR "Public Relations") Job Trends graph
digital AND (PR OR "Public Relations") Job Trends digital AND (PR OR "Public Relations") jobs
(PR OR "Public Relations") Job Trends graph
(PR OR "Public Relations") Job Trends (PR OR "Public Relations") jobs