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The Digital Spending Shift Continues, Leading to More “Traditional” Advertising Job Losses

Monday, April 21st, 2008
I'm always a sucker for trend graphs, and here is one trend that is increasingly hard to ignore. Many of you have heard by now that GM is planning to shift 50% of its ad budget (that's 1.5 billion dollars) online over the next three years. And today, Advertising Age announced the resulting layoffs at Campbell-Ewald:
Faced with cutbacks from its biggest client, Chevrolet, and plans by the automaker's parent to shift a substantial chunk of its massive budget to digital and one-on-one plays, Campbell-Ewald has let 50 staffers go.
I experimented with my own job trend search on to graph out the relative job growth in "advertising" vs. "interactive advertising."
advertising Job Trends graph
advertising Job Trends advertising jobs
interactive advertising Job Trends graph
interactive advertising Job Trends interactive advertising jobs
Interpret these graphs how you like, but I think it's getting harder to ignore the fact that college students and graduates alike are missing the boat if they ignore the digital space. Find your own trends at .