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Print on Demand—and Eco-Friendly—Newspapers of the Future

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Erasable PaperYoung people have been turning to the Internet as a main news source for years now, despite the fact that reading a printed page actually allows for a deeper understanding of content. But what if your "newspaper" offered the best of both worlds? What if it allowed you to self-select content from both mainstream media and blogs, then print it on demand to eco-friendly, reusable paper? Xerox recently unveiled a technology that may someday allow us to do just that. Xerox's erasable paper, revealed during Chicago's WIRED NextFest, "prints" through a reaction to light of a specific wavelength and then erases within 24 hours to be used again. This lends itself perfectly to an eco-friendly on demand print newspaper model—giving readers the ability to read their favorite content on the page, where it is easier to absorb. The Xerox representatives also hinted at the possibility of a more portable printer to be used with mobile phones. If this were to become common practice, how might it change the way we create content online?