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Social Media Connections

Monday, June 30th, 2008
I finally had the opportunity to meet two people who had a huge influence on my career last week during the Edelman Academic Summit. First I met Richard French, a professor at Auburn University who started the PR Open Mic social network for PR students, professors and practitioners to connect (he shot and edited the video below). I also met Neville Hobson, who introduced me to the power of the social web nearly two years ago when I started listening to For Immediate Release, the twice-weekly podcast he cohosts with Shel Holtz. I owe a lot to these two, and I am so thankful for their efforts. It's amazing what a positive influence you can have over a person's life without ever knowing it. Maybe I should make an effort to reach out to everyone who has affected me through their blogs, podcasts and other content and let them know how much I appreciate what they have done. Find more videos like this on PROpenMic

Public Relations Students, Professors and Practictioners Come Together on

Sunday, April 20th, 2008
If you're a public relations student looking for an awesome resource to connect with other students, professors and practitioners in the public relations industry, check out PROpenMic, created via Ning. Here's your opportunity to get out there and connect, ask questions and take the conversation beyond your own university. (As for you professor/professional types, here's your chance to share your hard-earned knowledge with up and coming communicators). And why not take it a step further—remember when I was talking about setting up informational interviews? Well, here's your chance to find a professional near you and set up a time to get together to ask some of those questions in person.