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Enduring a Long Distance Relationship? Try This.

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

One of the hardest parts about relocating to start my career in Chicago was moving away from my boyfriend and starting a long distance relationship. I got through it by aligning myself with friends who were going through the same thing—that, a few choice songs on my iPod and a “survival guide” that I found at the library. For the year that we were apart, I was always looking for support, always wishing there was some way to ease my mind a bit.

Well, it looks like someone else was thinking the same thing. is a new community and guide to long distance relationships, including forums, articles, videos and more. If you’re going through an LDR right now, check it out. This may be just the support you need.

Of course, these days, the web offers support on this topic all over the place. With the communities and conversations forming online, there are plenty of places to find others who can relate.

My personal experience with a long distance relationship was difficult, but proved worth it in the end, and we were made stonger for it.

How did (or do) you deal?