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Resume and Informational Interview Dos and Don’ts

Sunday, June 29th, 2008
[display_podcast] After seeing a number of resumes and students for informational interviews, Bryan Blaise, Kevin Saghy, Joseph Tateoka and I wanted to share a few important how-tos. RESUME DOs
  • Limit your resume to one page
  • Use bullets, not asterisks
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile and/or website
  • On your cover letter, add hyperlinks to relevant organizations, etc.
  • Take the time to gear your resume toward the job you are applying for (a resume is not one-size fits all)
  • Show that you are a great writer and can be concise
  • Put your most important information upfront; think of the inverted pyramid you use for writing
    1. Work experience
    2. Relevant volunteer or internship experience
    3. Any other activities you've done that can play up a certain area of expertise or strength
    4. Where you went to school
    5. Your GPA (if it is good)
  • Don't list your "connections," especially people you have only met once
  • Don't make margins smaller than 1/2 inch (and even that is pushing it)
  • Font sizes shouldn't go above 12-14 or below 9
  • No word Art
  • NEVER use emoticons or exclamation points
  • Do your research so that you are prepared to go in and ask good questions
  • Arrive prepared; dress nicely and have your resume printed out
  • Even if you talk to multiple members of the team, you can still ask them the same questions; you may get different answers from different people
  • Even though this isn't a formal interview, remember that this is still your chance to impress the team; they often regroup after your meeting to talk about you and may decide to consider you as a candidate
  • Use this as an opportunity to ask the questions you might not ask in a normal interview (For example, get feedback on your resume

Update Your Resume, Even if You’re Not Looking For a Job

Friday, June 20th, 2008
You're not really looking for a job right now, and with all of the other things on your to-do list, updating your resume isn't top priority. But what would you do if the perfect opportunity popped up today? Would you be ready? Would you have anything to show for the experience you've gained? I found myself in this situation recently, when I received a message through PROpen Mic from Phil Gomes (check out his Ask Phil videos on the site) about a position on the Edelman Digital Integration Team. I was not about let this opportunity pass. I was able to swing the LinkedIn profile for a little while, but ultimately I had to scramble to take that information and update my good-old-fashioned one-page resume (I did end up getting the job, and it has been fantastic so far). So if you found out the perfect job position at this very moment, what would you do? If you're a creative type, is your portfolio updated? Do you have a website to show off your work and voice? Do you have your resume updated, not only on LinkedIn, but also as a formatted document? If not, I suggest you schedule some time to work on these things.