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Getting Older and the End of Family Traditions

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
Adriane's wedding My sister got married in the summer of 2007, the same summer I moved to Chicago. I'm fairly certain that with a sibling's marriage comes the inevitable transformation of family holiday traditions. Besides the marriage, my extended family is huge, and growing. My dad comes from a family of eight kids—my mom, six. I lost count of my cousins somewhere around 50 or 60. They're getting married and reproducing at such a steady rate that it's hard to get everyone in one place anymore. Part of me wants to keep old family traditions going—the part of me that hates change and losing touch. But the other part of me knows that it's time to move on and accept that many of us will go our separate ways. It's logistically impossible for all of my cousins to get together for Thanksgiving forever. My family is definitely going through the transformation phase right now, and it will probably take a while. My sister is having a baby in June, which, I suppose is the beginning of new traditions for our family.